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Pellenc Airion 3 Battery Blower

Pictures and illustrations are for illustrative purposes only and may vary in appearance to the actual product.
940W Electric Motor
226km/h max air speed
Up to 6 hours battery life*****
2.55kg weight
3 year warranty
Easy in-house finance available
Easy in-house finance available
Easy in-house finance available

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At last, your wrist can relax

Weighing 2.55 kg, and with a patented design, the Airion 3 blower is easy to use and durable in any climate conditions. Designed to meet professional demands for reliability, power and efficiency, the Airion 3 blower can also be used for several hours without fatigue or tension, especially in the wrist. Quiet and powerful, it is effective in an urban setting, near sensitive areas, and in parks and gardens.


  • The tool stays perfectly balanced during operation, regardless of the speed.
  • The lightest hand blower: 2.55 kg with the actual weight of the cable held in the hand.
  • Maximum MSD (musculo-skeletal disorder) through respect for vertical axis of work, from shoulder to wrist.
  • Angled suction to overcome the swing phenomenon and reduce effort.


  • Effective unmatched thrust of 17.5 N
  • Actual air flow of 920 m3/h with the round nozzle.
  • 4 interchangeable nozzles for different uses.
  • Comfortable when working for long periods with optimal balance.
  • Battery life remaining shown by pressing on the speed selector switch (1 to 4 LEDs).


  • Angled suction keeps noise levels low for local residents
  • Only 79 dB
  • Golden decibel award 2011 (Conseil National du Bruit).
  • No need to wear noise protection helmet.
  • Use in sensitive areas at any time of day.


  • Sealing level IP54 protecting it from dust and rain.
  • Tough turbine body in magnesium alloy, optimising its service life.
  • Tough PP copolymer intake and outlet hoses, for greater shock resistance (15 joules).

Pellenc advantages

Quick-connect system

Lets you quickly plug and unplug the battery connection during use. This important safety feature lets you get out of any risky or uncomfortable situation fast.

Battery life indicator

When you press on the speed selector, the LEDs flash and display the remaining battery life in 25% steps.

Intake grill

The new patented air-intake design dramatically improves user comfort and reduces the noise generated by the tool.

Speed control

The Airion 3 speed controller lets you increase or decrease the blowing power according to the surface to be cleared. The boost function delivers maximum air flow and is activated simply by holding down the button. The Airion 3 is powerful enough to budge heavy objects, such as large masses of wet leaves stuck to the ground.

Durable motor

Protected against dust and moisture and 100% rain-proof, the Airion 3 is designed to withstand the test of time. Its motor is encased in a magnesiumalloy body, ensuring good heat dissipation, full IP54 sealing, and a longer operating life. All the mechanical parts are protected from dust and moisture.


Effective thrust* (N) - 17.5 (boost) / 13.5 (speed 4)

Maximum power – 940W

Weight of the tool with cable – 2.7kg

Weight of the tool without the cable – 2.45kg

Actual weight of the tool in use – 2.55kg

Actual airflow rate with round nozzle** – m3/h - 920 (boost) / 815 (speed 4)

Maximum airflow speed with the round nozzle** – m/s - 63 (boost) / 55 (speed 4)

Maximum airflow speed with flat nozzle – m/s - 69 (boost) / 60 (speed 4)

Noise level (LpA)*** – dB(A)) - 79

Guaranteed sound level (LWA)*** – dB(A) - 92

Sound pressure at 15 metres* – dB(A) - less than 65

Vibration level**** – m/s² - below 2.5 (0.5 actual)

Battery life***** with ULiB 1500 - Up to 6 hrs

4-speed selector switch + boost - Yes

Round nozzle - Yes

* Standard according to ANSI/OPEI B175.2-2012.
** With nozzle diameter of 75 mm.
*** Values determined according to the acoustic measurement standards NF EN ISO 11203, NF EN ISO 3744 and NF EN ISO 4871.
**** Vibration emission value according to NF EN 60745-1: 2009– Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s2
****** For information: the times were observed in actual working time, including breaks. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work carried out.