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Pellenc Selion M12 Handheld Chainsaw

Pictures and illustrations are for illustrative purposes only and may vary in appearance to the actual product.
1,200W Electric Motor
6" Cutting Bar
1.95kg weight
3 year warranty
Easy in-house finance available
Easy in-house finance available
Easy in-house finance available

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Gentle yet powerful cutting

Ultra-lightweight, weighing only 1.95 kg, the Selion M12 chainsaw pruner has the advantage of efficiency for you and your teams. Its easy handling and versatility make it the ideal tool for tree growers, vine growers, and landscaping professionals. Its exclusive design is focused on the user, making it an indispensable tool for fast and precise pruning.


  • Weighs only 1.95 kg
  • Its compact size and Soft Touch handle male it easy to get started with.
  • Designed to suit any size of hand.
  • Software for even more accurate cutting.


  • Strong and reliable, clutchless (direct drive to sprocket).
  • Minimum battery life of one work day.
  • PELLENC Brushless 1200 W electric motor (equivalent to 30 cc petrol motor).
  • Automatic chain tensioning.


  • Pruner for shade and ornamental trees, vines, or tough hedges.
  • Adapts to its environment, threading its way between branches of various sizes.


  • Uses up to 30% less chain oil.

The advantages of Pellenc


PELLENC has developed 4 innovations to help protect the user:

1. The electronically triggered kickback sensor instantly engages the electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is eight times more sensitive than the chain brake of a petrol chainsaw.

2. With the OREGON chain, the kickback effect, if it occurs, will be much less forceful than with a conventional chainsaw.

3. The tool’s self-diagnostic system frequently checks that the electronic kickback sensor is operational. If so, the tool can operate.

4. The double-press start-up trigger prevents accidental start-up of the chainsaw.

Automatic chain tensioning

The chain guide is mounted on a patented mechanism that tightens the chain automatically.

Electronically managed oil flow

The system adjusts the lubrication of the chain based on the required cutting strength.

Electronic chain brake

The chain brake activates instantly in the event of fall or kick-back.

Tightening wrench

This wrench lets the user tighten the chain and provides quick access to the sprocket and the chain.

Technical specifications

Max. power – W - 1,200

Combustion engine equivalence – cc - 30

Weight – lbs - 1.95

Motor speed – rpm - 5,400

Chain speed – m/s - 10.3

Guide length – cm/inches - 15 / 6’’

OREGON chain Pitch Type / Gauge / Number of links - ¼ ’’ / 25AP / 1.3 mm / 42E

Sprockets - 9 ¼‘’ teeth

Tank capacity – cl - 7

Sound pressure level (LpA)*- with K uncertainty KpA = 3.0 dB(A) - 84

Guaranteed sound power level (LWAd)** - 98

Front handle vibration level (av)* – with kd uncertainty K= 1.5 m/s2 - 2.5

Battery life with the Alpha 520 battery*** - Up to 4-5 hrs

Battery life with the 250 battery - Up to 2 hrs

Peristaltic pump - Yes

Automatic chain tensioner - Yes

Integrated folding wrench - Yes

Electronic chain brake - Yes

Carrying case - Yes

* Noise and vibration measurements according to EN 60745-1 and EN 60745-2-13.
** According to Directive 2000/14/EC.
*** For information purposes: the times were observed in actual working time, including breaks. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work required.